In 1978 my best friend Valerie Lee and I went into the catering business together and created "Savoir Fare".  As both of us were entertainers, we couldn't help but bring that element into our work.  Our events were theme events where we would dress in the costume of a given country, cook the foods of that nation (we had a knack for this) and whenever possible, invite the host, hostess and their guests to join in the fun, dress in costume and immerse themselves in the culture.  Everyone had a ball and we got rave reviews.  Valerie moved on to pursue a career in opera and I, minus my pal, moved on the the Maroon Creek Club--an exclusive country club here in Aspen, Colorado.  There I served as Dining Room Manager, Catering Director and Event Coordinator for ten years.  After an eight year stint at a prestigious Aspen art gallery as an art consultant, I'm back where I belong, doing what I love to do, cooking delicious, globally inspired food for my friends and clients.  Let my experience and love of fun and food make a smashing success of your next event.  Let's Have Some Fun!!!!

Terra Vestrand
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer